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The · Purpose · Driven · Life

Shared journeys through the Rick Warren book

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The first day of the Purpose Driven Life reminds us that looking within ourselves for our purpose isn't going to give us the answer, because God has chosen our purpose.

When I look at one friend of mine, I can see that so much more clearly than I can see it for myself. I see a friend who is called to be an inspiration to others, who is called to be an example of survival, and who does not want that purpose and would never have chosen it. Who chooses to suffer, in order to become a hero to others? It's not something that anyone would ever want.

There is a purpose for my life, too, and it isn't necessarily one that I see, or would have chosen. I need to learn to accept that whatever it is, it is, whether I choose it or not.

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Well, this is day one in the Purpose Driven Life for me. I got recommended this book from my boyfriend, who I love deeply.
Anyhow, here goes:
Today, January 1st, 2007, I'm not only embarking on this 40-day spiritual journey, I'm also beginning the 365-day Bible reading adventure. I can remind myself that it's not just about me, that it's about God, my Creator, through meditation and the reading of her word. I can strive to emmulate God's love, to spread her love, to glow with his love.
I can stop doing what I want to; I can instead do what the Creator, my GOd, leads me to do, leads me to believe, leads me to see.
I will ask God's wisdom to come into my life; if there was one thing that I could ask for it would be for God to pour her wisdom into me until I was overflowing, but I don't know if that is his purpose for my life, so I'll ask for the wisdom to experience that purpose instead.
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Hello all. I hope that you've found the community fairly easily. My hope for this community is that it is a place of growth and unconditional support. I'm just beginning the book and I have no expectations. Of course, I would love for it to be everything I could ever possibly imagine, but at this point I honestly don't know what to expect.
Wherever you are in your reading of this book, share your journey with others and, in turn, learn from others' journey.
You may visit the book's website at www.purposedrivenlife.com
Again, welcome to all. I hope that this community can provide many partnerships on the road of self-exploration and discovery of our own unique purpose.
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